Retractable Screen Doors

Product Information

■ Unique dual roller design for improved stability during use

■ Wind-resistant design to prevent the mesh from flipping inward in strong winds

■ Special fixed points that can be adjusted according to needs

■ Anti-pinch device to prevent fingers from getting caught during mesh retraction

■ Mesh options include regular or fire-resistant fiber fabric

■ Black mesh design for optimal visibility

■ Seamless design for the new generation of hidden screen doors

■ Do not place heavy objects on the screen door.

■ Please pay special attention to children.

■ Avoid using the screen door in strong winds.

■ Keep the screen door away from open flames.

Materials Polyester / Fiberglass
Width ( Window / Door ) 80cm : 120cm
High ( Window / Door ) 160cm : 240cm
Shell Aluminum alloy
Switch endurance Over 10000
Intermediate fixed point Yes
Anti-pinch device Yes
Weave pattern Black herringbone mesh

The Steps to Use