TNA-70 & GE-80 Horizontal Sliding、
TNA-100 & GE-100 Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

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Product Information

■ The floor-to-ceiling windows are designed with a wedge-shaped profile to achieve a structurally airtight seal when closed.

■ The windows feature a water drainage system with a stepped design and stainless steel bearing carriage. The windows are equipped with adjustable dual-wheel compensating pulleys, allowing for smooth and effortless operation.

■ Special wind-resistant drainage valves are incorporated to ensure excellent water tightness.

■ The interior sashes are designed to be easily dismantled from the inside for cleaning purposes. They also feature a water guide channel to prevent condensation and indoor water droplets caused by temperature differences.

■ The windows are designed with a dual-track system, allowing both sashes to be movable. They are also compatible with the TBS-100 series interior sashes, providing versatility in usage.

■ The aluminum and glass materials may generate condensation when there is a significant temperature difference between the indoor and outdoor environments. However, our thoughtful design includes drainage holes to prevent the buildup of condensation, ensuring that you don't have to worry about fogging or misting on the windows.

■ The bearing-type rollers in our windows are constructed with stainless steel housings and axles, paired with heavy-duty ball bearings. This ensures that even with frequent and vigorous operation, the performance and durability of the rollers will not be compromised

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