TAA-70S01 Concealed Screen Window

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Product Information

■ Our window screens are designed in sync with Japan, combining the aluminum window frame and the screen into one unit for enhanced safety.

■ When the window sash is closed, the screen is concealed within it, preventing it from getting dirty. When the window sash is opened, the screen automatically expands, providing ventilation without compromising cleanliness.

■ The use of a hollow lower transom with a step design allows rainwater to flow into the drainage channel, preventing water from crossing the window frame due to wind pressure and improving water resistance.

■ The outer frame is designed without visible weatherstripping, ensuring that it is not exposed to prolonged sunlight and rain, thus extending the lifespan of the weatherstripping.

■ The roller carriages feature oversized rollers, ensuring smooth operation and high weight-bearing capacity.

■ We utilize high-transparency fiberglass mesh screens that are non-combustible, allowing for excellent visibility and safety.

■ Do not place heavy objects on the screen window and exercise caution, especially around children.

■ Avoid using the screen window during strong winds or severe weather conditions.

■ Keep the screen window away from any potential fire sources or open flames.

■ Aluminum windows can be designed with single-sided or double-sided screens, adopting a hidden design that integrates the screen with the window sash.

■ The exterior appearance of the building is more tidy and aesthetically pleasing, and the screen windows are securely attached, ensuring safety.

■ Dual-channel storage and drainage system with special wind-proof drainage valves, enhancing waterproofing performance and preventing water leakage even in adverse weather conditions.

Construction illustrations