TNA-100P Push-In Soundproofing Series

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Product Information

■ Heavy-duty four-bar linkage design for high weight-bearing capacity and adjustable opening angles according to customer requirements.

■ Bottom-guided water drainage system to prevent water infiltration during typhoon or heavy rain.

■ Dual-seal design for air-tightness and water-tightness, ensuring long-term functionality and lifespan.

■ Integrated design of hidden screen window and aluminum window, utilizing special glass fiber mesh that is non-combustible, offers good visibility, easy cleaning, and convenient removal.

■ The flat design of the door panel prevents external access to the handle from the outside, enhancing security.

■ Avoid placing heavy objects or applying excessive pressure on the screen window. Pay special attention to the safety of children.

■ Avoid using the screen window during strong winds or severe weather conditions.

■ Keep the screen window away from any potential sources of fire or open flames.

■ The hidden screen window adopts the popular design trend from Japan, where the axis of rotation can be adjusted to open the window partially according to your preference. The special screen mesh is easy to clean and has a dust-proof feature, ensuring a clean and comfortable environment.

■ The reinforced four-bar linkage design, combined with 8-10mm glass and adjustable opening angles, enhances the safety and sound insulation performance of the product, tailored to meet specific requirements.

Construction illustrations