TBS-100 Integrated Blinds Series

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Product Information

■ Concealed blinds design, with blinds embedded between double-glazed glass, ensuring an aesthetically pleasing appearance and resistance to dirt.

■ Choice between blinds lifting system and angle adjustment system, both concealed within the window frame. Utilizes 15mm wide blinds to enhance light control and provide excellent insulation.

■ Dual-sealed glass combined with thermal break tracks effectively blocks heat transfer and minimizes noise infiltration, ensuring a comfortable and quiet indoor environment.

■ Stainless steel bearing hinges and heavy-duty rollers maintain optimal performance even with frequent use and intense operation.

■ High-quality weatherstripping materials, along with specially designed aluminum extrusions, ensure a tight seal between the window sash and frame, providing excellent air-tightness.

The smaller the heat transfer value, the higher the performance. The TBS series has the following three functions:

■ Adopting thermal break design to cut off heat transfer

■ The air layer between the double glazing acts as insulation

■ The blinds have heat reflection effect

Double-glazed glass with blinds

Construction illustrations