TES-80 Framed Single Track Sliding Series

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Product Information

■ Adopting a single-track flat design, the handle drives a 10-point airtight effect, creating a sleek and clean appearance of the building when the window sash is opened and closed.

■ Horizontal unit design allows unlimited extension and division according to the length of the building and interior partitions.

■ The internal sash presents a framed style and can be combined with aluminum panels or marble construction.

■ The double-layer airtight structure tightly integrates with the window frame, greatly enhancing sound insulation and airtightness.

■ Rotate the handle 90 degrees to have the window sash in a half-open position, allowing for natural ventilation and preventing sudden wind and rain.

■ The special horizontal sliding design features four door carriages with a load capacity of 45 kg each and four stainless steel cantilever supports, ensuring smooth and lightweight operation while meeting the latest regulations of the Fire Service Act for optimal safety.

■ The lower frame adopts a hidden equal-pressure drainage design, providing excellent waterproofing performance.

■ The appearance is the same as that of fixed windows, with the window sash in the same plane, avoiding dust accumulation on the frame.

■ Hold the handle and rotate it 90 degrees.

■ Pull the door sash slightly towards the air side to create a gap, achieving natural ventilation.

■ When closing, reverse the above steps. If you need to fully open the window, close it first and then open it again.

Construction illustrations